All rentals must be accompanied by a completed Information form and a physical or e-signed copy of our Rental Policies, Terms & Agreements. 

To open a production account with us, whether for supplies or rentals, please complete an information form and we will contact you with  a credit application. 

We offer weekly (2-8 weeks) and production (9-16 weeks) rental rates. If you are in need of a rental extension call or email us and we will provide you with extension rates.

Due to the size, weight and condition of our equipment we only offer in-store pick up, we do not ship. If you would like to make special pick up arrangements (ie; your own transportation method), contact us at

Customers are liable for rental items that are lost or damaged and will be charged based on the replacement value provided. We reserve the right to accept or decline any customer offered replacements.

Please refer to our full rental policies and terms below for more information.