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Speciality Crafts


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Rit Dye LiquidRit Dye Liquid
Rit Dye Liquid
Sale price$5.50

28 colors available

Schmere DirtSchmere Dirt
Schmere Dirt
Sale priceFrom $14.00

5 colors available

Schmere StickSchmere Stick
Schmere Stick
Sale price$13.25

10 colors available

Jaquard Dye Na FlowJaquard Dye Na Flow
Jaquard Dye Na Flow
Sale priceFrom $14.99

7 colors available

Golden High Flow PaintGolden High Flow Paint
Golden High Flow Paint
Sale priceFrom $16.75

10 colors available

Rit Dyemore Synthetic LiquidRit Dyemore Synthetic Liquid
Rit Dyemore Synthetic Liquid
Sale price$6.29

15 colors available

Rit Sun Guard Powder UPF 30Rit Sun Guard Powder UPF 30
Rit Sun Guard Powder UPF 30
Sale priceFrom $10.00
Reel Blood OriginalReel Blood Original
Reel Blood Original
Sale priceFrom $10.00
Rit Color Remover PowderRit Color Remover Powder
Rit Color Remover Powder
Sale priceFrom $5.00
Reel Blood AgedReel Blood Aged
Reel Blood Aged
Sale priceFrom $14.00
Rit Fast Fade Powder
Rit Fast Fade Powder
Sale price$36.00
Angelus 4 Oz. PaintAngelus 4 Oz. Paint
Angelus 4 Oz. Paint
Sale price$6.50

3 colors available

RIT Proline PowderRIT Proline Powder
RIT Proline Powder
Sale priceFrom $30.29

2 colors available

Golden GAC 900
Golden GAC 900
Sale price$87.98
Midas Black Max Oxidizing Liquid
Sold out
Schmere Ultimate Stick And Dirt Bag KitSchmere Ultimate Stick And Dirt Bag Kit
Save $2.05
Angelus Leather Paint Basics KitAngelus Leather Paint Basics Kit
Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit
Sale price$24.95 Regular price$27.00
Carbona Color Grabber Sheets
Carbona Color Run Remover
Carbona Color Run Remover
Sale price$3.68
Save $0.30
Jacquard Soda AshJacquard Soda Ash
Jacquard Soda Ash
Sale priceFrom $4.09 Regular price$4.39
Sold out
Paint BellowsPaint Bellows
Paint Bellows
Sale price$11.33
Sold out
Jumbo Craft Sticks
Jumbo Craft Sticks
Sale price$2.09
C.S. Osborne Revolving Leather Hole PunchC.S. Osborne Revolving Leather Hole Punch
Angelus Acrylic Leather PaintAngelus Acrylic Leather Paint
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint
Sale priceFrom $3.95

8 colors available

Angelus Wool DauberAngelus Wool Dauber
Angelus Wool Dauber
Sale price$3.36
Save $2.99
Jacquard Synthropol
Jacquard Synthropol
Sale price$25.00 Regular price$27.99
Schmere Glycerine
Schmere Glycerine
Sale price$23.99
Save $1.23
E6000 AdhesiveE6000 Adhesive
E6000 Adhesive
Sale price$4.86 Regular price$6.09
Non-Sew Snap, Eyelet, Rivet, Jean Button KitNon-Sew Snap, Eyelet, Rivet, Jean Button Kit
Rit Dye Liquid Whitener
Rit Dye Liquid Whitener
Sale price$4.99
Clover Tailors Awl 5 1/2"Clover Tailors Awl 5 1/2"
Clover Tailors Awl 5 1/2"
Sale price$7.70
Dritz Awl - 4 1/4"
Dritz Awl - 4 1/4"
Sale price$7.12
X-Acto Replacement Blades For Knife W/Safety Cap 5Pk (#11)X-Acto Replacement Blades For Knife W/Safety Cap 5Pk (#11)
X-Acto Knife W/Safety CapX-Acto Knife W/Safety Cap
X-Acto Knife W/Safety Cap
Sale price$8.00
Schmere Mineral Oil Quart
Schmere Mineral Oil Quart
Sale price$19.99
Angelus Walk On Paint
Angelus Walk On Paint
Sale price$6.50
Angelus Paintable Repair FillerAngelus Paintable Repair Filler
Angelus Empty Paint Marker SetAngelus Empty Paint Marker Set
Rit Powder DyeRit Powder Dye
Rit Powder Dye
Sale price$4.07

6 colors available

Carbona Reusable Color & Dirt Grabber